A Bit About Me

What I Do

I work with business leaders to build meaningful brands and better connect with their customers through strategic analysis, design, data and marketing communication.
I’ve worked with local and international brands like Tourism Dubai, Loreal, Mercedes, Panasonic, The National Trust and the National Gallery of Victoria.

With over 20 years in marketing, 15 in effective digital marketing, content writing and production, public speaking and presenting, l am an ardent storyteller.

I’m a lifelong entrepreneur always seeking to uncover new ideas and opportunities for growth in the digital community.

From learning to code in 1987 and writing online since 1995, I’m passionate about creating duality, uplifting and educational content. I’m a regular contributor to national publications in both the personal style and digital media space. As a long—term professional blogger and social media contributor, I present regularly to industry groups including Melbourne Innovation Centre, PRIA and General Assembly, conference keynotes and workshops, podcasts, radio and t.v.

As a pioneer in the professional blogging space, my work has won numerous awards across Asia Pacific, spoken worldwide on the art of building a successful building digital business including appearances on CNN Asia, the Morning Show and ProBlogger Conference.

My Story

My Early Entrepreneurial Influences

When I was very young, we lived in a small village in Papua New Guinea, where my father was installing radio communications systems in a remote tropical outpost. Consequently, the world always felt bigger to me than my own backyard.


My parents were both creative and entrepreneurial. My dad, an engineer and inventor, was constantly tinkering with gadgets, fixing and improving them. Meanwhile, my mum, the artist and teacher, taught me to see possibilities and opportunity everywhere.


By age 11, I spent school holidays working with my grandfather on his magazine, sitting in on interviews, learning to set type and lay out issues on a lightbox.


By 19, I was working as a marketing assistant for an international aid program, and was teaching my colleagues how to use the internet.


By 21, I’d travelled to rural southern China to work in an orphanage, where I experienced the positive impact of storytelling on connecting sponsors with disadvantaged  children.


My belief was that, if you wanted to make the world better, you figured out ways to do that, no matter the challenges.


That still holds true today.

Launching and Leading My Own Ventures

In the early 2000’s, as a new mother, I was suddenly home most of the time, feeling isolated from my career, my connections and longtime interests.


Inspired by the possibilities of visual media, and itching to pursue my own venture, I tapped into my lifelong passion for 20th Century fashion and style. First, I started writing and launched my blog, Super Kawaii Mama, and quickly turned to recording and sharing my vintage style tutorials on YouTube in 2008.


Within 18 months, I was bound for Singapore as a finalist for the Best Fashion Blog in the Asia Pacific Region, featured on CNN Asia, and looking at several new business opportunities.


As my style blog, rebranded Vintage Current, grew into one of the leading fashion and lifestyle blogs in Australia, garnering over 100,000 monthly readers and 1 million video views, I created digital, content marketing and experiential campaigns for brands such as L’Oreal, Panasonic, Lipton, Samsung and Mercedes-Benz.


Around this time, the  demand for hands-on expertise in vintage style led me to launch my second venture:, a bridal, fashion and event styling business, with clients such as National Gallery of Victoria, AMC (Mad Men), ABC TV and the National Trust of Australia.

Growth, Passion and Purpose

While growing Vintage Current and my styling business, I loved sharing my entrepreneur journey with others as a public speaker. Whether speaking about the fashion and style space, or the digital and content marketing field (sometimes both), from PRIA and Qantas Business Radio to General Assembly, I enjoy helping others advance their work and careers.


This passion ultimately led me to the work I’m doing today.


In 2014, while speaking at ProBlogger conference, an impromptu meeting with international speaker Hunter Boyle, from the US, would alter the course for both of us in the following years.


Working together informally on a variety of client projects, by 2018, we’d made the big leap and teamed up 100%, launching our new joint venture as Copilot Crew.


As a combined strategy and services firm, drawing on our combined decades of experience in marketing communications, we help game-changing organisations grow and thrive.


At Copilot Crew, we support impact businesses and organisations, with an emphasis on the environment, education and equality. We're 1% for the Planet members, and mentors for programs such as YGAP, Melbourne Innovation Centre and Ignite Startups.